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Do you sometimes find yourself thinking there’s more to life than this??

Can you spare a few hours a week to build a brighter future for you or your family??

Are you highly motivated and love beauty products?

When I was younger I had huge dreams of being successful, happy and travelling the world, but I grew up, got a good job and joined the rat race. My dreams seemed out of reach and I got tired of being over worked and counting down the days till my next holiday.
One lady changed all that for me when she came to me with an opportunity, I was extremely skeptical at first because I didn’t think it was possible to earn money with just a laptop/smart phone.

But I knew I wanted to change my lifestyle so I had nothing to lose by giving it a go because it was completely FREE to start and no hidden catches.
I now run a very successful team in the UK and Europe, and my team is growing fast – I have now planned to travel in 2017 just because I can! I can teach you to do the same, as I will personally mentor you through your journey.

Heres a short video of an overview of our company.. http://www.goforyourbusiness.com/

For more information please email me at vivarafashionblogger@hotmail.com or call me on 07827920511 – Change your life today! ❤


41 Ways to get Traffic to your Blog!

41 Ways to get Traffic to your Blog!

Before I get into what I do to gain blog readers, think for a moment about what makes you click “like” — or even go as far as to leave a comment! — when you get on your own personal social media accounts.

Is your blog Unique? – Do you stand out from the crowd? –  Are you easy to relate to? – and lastly do you know who your readers are?

Do you like to see dry status updates, do you like hearing again…and again… about the latest and greatest sales or giveaways or contests?

You may interact with that kind of post once, but if you see them over and over, what happens? Of course: you scroll on!

That’s because there’s nothing there to involve you, intrigue you, inspire you, teach you, or help you.

In todays world everyone has caught blog fever! But most people are doing the same thing! – Be Unique! Be different, use what you have to your advantage, but please don’t confuse this by being fake or not genuine, your readers will sniff this out! Most importantly you have to know who your readers are so you can go find them and approach them with your blog.

If you’re not receiving much feedback on your posts, I want you to take a good hard look at what you post on a regular basis.

I myself am still learning the blog lingo but I can share with you what is working for me so far and I hope you can get to work on this straight away! – Persistency is key!


  1. Guest post on other peoples blogs – There are loads of companies out there that love original content and will let you post on their site – join some blogging community’s on Facebook, they usually post on there for bloggers to guest blog on there site, they come up quite often so keep an eye out!
  2. Make videos – I haven’t started this yet but it’s on my list of things to do – making videos makes you interact with your readers on a deeper connection – Post videos on Youtube or Vimeo.
  3. Have a Facebook party
  4. Contact a local TV station to do a segment
  5. Comment/Like on other peoples blogs
  6. Google other bloggers in your niche and make some friends – Attend blogger events – they are very useful for making friends – gaining tips and even organising a blog collaboration.
  7. Use LinkedIn and Google Plus and use the group pages
  8. Create a Facebook fan page
  9. Use Pinterest daily
  10. Post on Twitter
  11. Use hashtags on Twitter
  12. Give away a free printable
  13. Use StumbleUpon daily – (Don’t skip this one!!)
  14. Enter your articles into article directories
  15. Post older content on Facebook for new readers
  16. Start discussions on Forums – Give advise!
  17. Edit your article titles to be catchy
  18. Write “How To” articles
  19. Learn about SEO and make edits to your site
  20. Make sure your blog in listed on Google and Yahoo
  21. Do webinars and teach something
  22. Use Hootsuite for a contest
  23. Join Twitter Chats
  24. Put personality into every single post!
  25. Connect with your local newspaper
  26. Inspire readers through your content
  27. Add your blog url to all your social channels
  28. Post on Reddit.com
  29. Host an online party using Twitter
  30. Make sure to repeat keywords to get on Google
  31. Contact a local radio station
  32. Add your blog to your email signature
  33. Feature other bloggers on your blog
  34. Make a weekly theme like: “Foodie Fridays”
  35. Make sure your blog is mobile friendly
  36. Make sure you have fast web hosting! – (Nobody will wait longer than 10 seconds for a page to load.)
  37. Give out advice that works, like this post!
  38. Write posts with checklists
  39. Put your blog url on your business cards
  40. Send out blog posts via email marketing
  41. Use Apps like PickaBlogger.com if you are a Fashion Blogger to promote your style – every time you post on their website all of there members are able to see your post! – you can also promote your style on sites like ASOSME, WeHeartit and Lookbook.com. (Very good for Fashion Bloggers)