Top 5 Beauty products that i swear by…

1. Fluoride Teeth whitening Toothpaste 

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This little beauty is how i keep my teeth so white! It brightens and whitens teeth whilst fighting plaque formation. Featuring a special formula that contains no harmful peroxides, AP-24 Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste also helps remove stains and aids in the prevention of cavities.

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2. 180 Face Wash


Make up free.. I wanted to let you girls know how i keep my skin feeling and looking fresh! I use this 180 Face Wash morning and evening and i have never had such clear skin! Nu Skin 180 Face Wash contains 10 percent active, efficacious vitamin C, making it one of the most extraordinary anti-ageing cleansers available.

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3. Miracle Marine Mud Mask

mud mask


I’m so in love wth this pro0duct, it amazes me overtime. Black heads lifted! Impurities and dirt… Gone!!! NOT JUST FOR YOUR FACE, can be used all over your body! A simple and natural way to softer, smoother toned skin. Revitalising clay mask with sea botanicals draws out dirt and impurities from the skin. Contains extremely fine mud particles and leaves skin feeling fresh, renewed and healthy-looking. Suitable for all skin types.


mud legs


4. Green tea capsules



I don’t have much time these days to exercise but when i do i need a little booster… these green tea capsules give me energy and boosts my metabolism. The consumption of this green tea extract helps to protect our body by reinforcing the body’s natural defence against the effects of these free radicals that occur from pollution, stress, smoke and toxins.

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5. Curling Mascara

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This Vitamin B5 Mascara that i swear by is AMAZING!!!! Ideal to make your eyes jump out, it gives that extra magnificent glow to your look. With its nice, easy-to-use, lightly curved brush, it’s especially formulated to separate lashes and make sure to give them that long lasting curling power without clumping. With this mascara you are not missing out on the wide open eye effect this Nu Colour® Mascara can give you.

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Message me at for more details, prices or to purchase.

You won’t regret it 🙂


Vivara Fashion Blogger x x


top 10 Healthy Foods for a Flatter Tummy!


I can’t recommend green tea more, now we’ve all heard how great green tea is but until you’ve actually experienced it for yourself you have no idea. Most of us are jumping on the green tea bang wagon and I don’t blame you its packed full of antioxidants and minerals which help promote weight loss but it also improves your skin and overall sense of well being. Green tea helps me with bloating and sorry to say on here but it helps me go more regularly! ‘well I though id be honest!’



Another favourite of mine is jalapenos it helps me stay slim and flattens my stomach. Studies have shown that adding spicy peppers such as Jalapenos into your diet helps boost your metabolism and they are not wrong, since adding jalapenos into my diet I have noticed a huge difference, also peppers and chilli flakes work really well for metabolism boosting, add those suckers into everything you cook and it will give you the flat stomach you’ve always wanted.



Now I am not a massive fan of salmon but I know that most of you are so I thought id add this into my top 10 list. Salmon is high in Omega-3 fatty acids and is very beneficial for fat loss. This is due to the fact it’s filled with healthy fats that help promote fat burning. Beyond just salmon, any type of lean fish can be beneficial to weight loss.



I love love love avocados they are filled with healthy fats that assist in burning tummy fat. Fat helping fat? Who knew?! I love putting avocado into my salads, and they are great for putting on top of your tacos or chips. However, I suggest laying off the chips because that kind of fat will NOT help you lose weight, sorry to say.



I personally love juicing my blueberries, they make me feel so good! You will absolutely love how eating blueberries makes you feel and you will also adore how slim and trim you look, plus they are a tasty little treat!



I only really eat chicken and turkey but they are the best meats to eat for weight loss as they are full of protein an chicken is one of the best there is. A nice grilled chicken breast is the PERFECT meal to help you maintain your weight and keep a flat tummy. It’s also low in fat and cholesterol.



Sweet potatoes are absolutely delicious and on top of that their extremely nutritious. If you are looking to lose weight and keep it off, I highly suggest adding a sweet potato to your weekly meals. Not only will it help you keep balanced cholesterol levels, but you will maintain your slim figure much easier. Win/Win situation, right?



I absolutely love breakfast its my favourite meal of the day, don’t skip out on your breakfast in the morning if you’re looking to stay slim and trim, but if you do like a delicious breakfast to start your morning like me you can’t go wrong with some oatmeal and cinnamon. Oatmeal is high in fiber and will help you stay fuller longer and when you pair that with cinnamon which is known to have an effect on boosting your metabolism, you will find that you keep trim easily with this healthy choice for breakfast.



Grapefruit is starting to become my favourite fruit with bananas in close second (bananas also help with bloating)because research has found that eating half a grapefruit in the morning with your breakfast can help boost your metabolism and help you burn MORE fat throughout the day. It also assists in lowering insulin levels and balancing out your blood sugar. This citrus fruit has so many awesome things going for it!



Almonds are an excellent source of protein and keep you fuller for longer. Almonds is a perfect snack for mid-morning and mid-afternoon it will keep your metabolism going for longer periods of time. Who says losing weight has to be hard? With almonds, it’s as easy as a few bites.




Wake up with a gorgeous hairstyle! There are so many ways you can do your hair before bed so that while you sleep it creates an effortless style in the morning. Just wash your hair, then braid it, wrap it around a headband or twist it into buns – the choice is yours. Play around with what works for you and what looks best. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Bed head has never looked so good.


NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 10: Lily Aldridge attends the Burberry Soho Store celebration of Fashion's Night Out at Burberry Soho on September 10, 2009 in New York City. (Photo by Lorenzo Santini/Getty Images for Burberry)

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Halloween Makeup Ideas!

Need Halloween make up ideas? Not very artistic? Well I’ve brought together a few easy Halloween make up pics for you to do at home, I haven’t tried any of these yet but I will definetly be doing one of these for Halloween and I’ll post on here which one I did and what it looked like… 

I purposely picked out easy “ish” ones so get out your paint brush, get in front of the mirror and start painting, I can’t wait will be so much fun! 

Happy Halloween! 


Vivar Fashion Blogger