Why you should join Nuskin


Nuskin is a free opportunity. Yes free. No start up fees, no having to buy stock in, no hidden costs. Free.

Nuskin specialises in beauty and health products. We have over 200 products all scientifically proven.

I was skeptical. Social networking, pyramid scheme and scam were all the things running through my head. People i knew started selling Nuskin products. I still wasn’t sure so i attended a Nuskin business presentation event and i got to try some free samples and i loved the results. With payday only a few days away i pre-ordered the beauty box, which has all of Nuskin’s best sellers in one box.

Now intrigued but still worried i still sat back and watched my friends sell these products and from my shock they started bringing in money and making a profit.

With Nuskin you can join the company with the intent to stay as a distributor and make profit on sales or progress and start earning a salary from it.

All items are sold to the distributors at a wholesale price. Each products has a recommended RRP price to each one but you can choose what you sell each product for, so distributors selling to make profit may charge higher than distributors selling to progress up the compensation plan.

Now, to start earning a salary from the free opportunity you have to become something called an executive and you do that by building up your own team of distributors and earning points. Each product is worth a certain amount of points. The more expensive the products obviously earning you more.

So, in your first month you need 1000 points to hit Letter of intent (LOI) this is showing that you are intending to go up the compensation plan and hit Exceutive. Executive is the first pin title. If you are not wanting to progress in the company but just doing it for the profit then points do not matter to you. After hitting LOI, you then need 1500 points in the second month, and 2000 in your third month. If you reach your points in these three months, then you’ve hit executive.

Once you reach executive you continue to build your business by building your team. You also want to help others in your team hit executive. It is important to have a big and strong team behind you. There is also nothing stopping you overtaking your upline (person who invited you into this business.) This is why this is NOT a pyramid scheme.

Below is our compensation plan and the EX stands for executive, you are now on the road to financial success. Another great thing about our company and our compensation plan is you earn down to 6 levels – what this means is you introduce someone to the business and they start building their team – Their team will be on your 2nd level which you also earn from and so on. You earn down to 6 levels. Earnings are uncapped!! If you are already with a network marketing company you will realise how incredible this is as most companies only earn down to 3, therefore that makes Nuskin one of the highest paid Network marketing companies out there.

You also want to help others on your 1st level become executives. Each number indicates how many executives you have on your 1st level. I have 4 executives with makes me a ruby executive and earning on average £1,785.00, you can earn more or you can earn less. With my help and mentoring i will show you how you can earn more than the average earnings. So fast forward a couple of years and you’ve stayed committed and consistent and gone through the ups and downs of business life, you will then be at the end of this chart. You will have 8 or even 12 executives on your 1st line and i don’t need to tell you how incredible that kind of money is for a couple of years graft!!


Nuskin FACTS:

Nuskin was voted number one most trustworthy company in Forbes magazine.

Nuskin was founded in 1984

Nuskin operates in more than 50 international markets.

The company’s global operations generated more than $2.25 billion in revenue during 2015

In 2014 Nuskin contributed nearly $5.8 million to a charitable foundation called force for good which helps improves children lives from all around the world. We have also donated more than 500 million meals to Nourish the children foundation.

After researching the company, seeing my friends do well, and using and loving the products. I jumped straight in. Fast forward 9 months later i now do Nuskin full time and i am a Ruby Exceutive. I have plans to travel 2017 and i am so excited for the future for me and my team.

If you want any more information about the products or how to join a free opportunity drop me a message!

Emma xx


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